One of my greatest joys is found in helping my colleagues ride the waves that come with being a trauma healing professional. Speaking with a trusted colleague about the successes and challenges of our work is an act of self-care. Vicarious traumatization and compassion fatigue can set in if we don't do our own reflection and processing. Given the serious nature of our field, I encourage my supervisees to balance some of the sadness we can hold by making time each day to laugh!  

I offer clinical supervision and consultation for: 

  • Social Workers
  • Dance/Movement Therapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Health Coaches

I have great respect for my supervisors and mentors and know I would not be the therapist I am today without their love and support, and I continue to reach out to them for their guidance and strength.

I wish to honor some of them here:

  • Leslie Daly, Ph.D., LCAT
  • Stephen Dahmer, MD
  • Charlotte Elkin, LCSW
  • Melissa Edwards, herbalist
  • Cara Gallo, LCAT
  • Jamie Marich, Ph.D.
  • Deniz Oktay, LCAT
  • Neil Patel, MD
  • Elena Ryabtseva, LMHC
  • Scott Whipple, LCSW