Therapy won't work if it's not available when you need it. 

When I was first getting started in my career I was taught that clients should make an ongoing weekly commitment over many months, if not years, in order for the work to be successful. Industry standard visits were 50-minutes and took place at the same day and time each week. Missing appointments was a strict no-no, and any attempt to deviate from these parameters was viewed as "resistance."

I've been a therapist and a client in that old model, and while it works for some, not all of us have lives that fit neatly into a mold. 

Fortunately, I discovered a better way. It seems obvious now, but therapy doesn't have to be another weekly meeting hastily crammed into a busy schedule. Your time is important, and I intend to help you make the most of it. That's why I've relaxed some of the "rules"so we can move away from questioning your commitment to yourself and get to work on what matters: helping you heal. 

Here's how working with me is different: 

  • In-office visits are usually 75-minutes, though 50-minute or 150-minute sessions are possible
  • More time in session means greater opportunity for growth
  • Sessions can be scheduled as often as you'd like, on a day and time that works for you

I maintain a brick and mortar practice conveniently located in Manhattan's flatiron district, but we don't have to always meet there. I hold intensive therapy retreats in upstate New York and in Hawaii if you'd like to escape the city and work one-on-one for a few days to a week together. I also offer distance sessions for times when meeting in person isn't optimal.