Imagine a vacation where the benefits of getting away last a lifetime


Over the course of our time together, you'll be expertly guided through the use of carefully curated therapeutic approaches specifically suited to help you to move beyond symptom management by treating your emotional pain at its core. 

Without the distractions of daily life, you'll ease into deeper layers of material than you could at home, setting in motion a healing cascade that will lead to lasting change.

You'll leave renewed, equipped with a customised emotional first-aid kit that you can turn to again and again as you learn to embrace, trust, and work with the wisdom of your inner healer

Prepare to treat your mind, body, and soul to the comfort and care of a personalized therapeutic experience unlike anything you've experienced before. 


Who benefits from intensive therapy? 

Intensive Therapy is excellent for people who: 

  • Prefer to progress more rapidly than a once a week format allows
  • Lack sufficient time to meet with a therapist weekly/have an irregular or unpredictable schedule
  • Live in areas where integrative therapists/trauma specialists are unavailable and/or would prefer to see a therapist outside of their community
  • Want to address a life challenge soon after it occurs
  • Might already be engaged in regular therapy and are seeking to compliment this by exploring new approaches in a retreat format

What will the week look like?

Each experience is customized, but generally includes: 

  • Movement and meditation sessions each morning
  • One 75-minute psychotherapy session each day
  • One 75-minute bodywork session each day
  • Self-care tools taught each afternoon
  • Medicinal herbal tea for you to enjoy and take home with you
  • Art therapy supplies and prompts for you to explore during break time
  • Opportunities for naps, walks, journal writing, and relaxation 


how do i plan my retreat?

Contact me to begin the process of planning your intensive therapy retreat. Next steps include: 

  • Pre-retreat assessment to see if a retreat is right for you
  • Pre-retreat counseling to prepare for your personalized experience
  • Choose a location for your retreat. Currently available in Hawaii and New York
  • Prepare for post-retreat reintegration, including securing resources at home