Distance Sessions

As a body-oriented therapist I wasn't initially sold on the idea that healing could take place over the internet. Personal experience has proven me wrong! Technology can be a powerful tool for transformation.

Many of my clients travel frequently or find it challenging to make it to appointments regularly, so incorporating phone or secure video sessions can be a great way to keep engaged in your personal transformation when coming into the office isn't an option. 

I offer psychotherapy sessions via phone and secure video to clients in New York and Hawaii, where I hold licenses to practice. State law regulates the types of services offered online, which limits my ability to provide therapy to those not residing in these regions.

I am able to offer non-clinical support by way of coaching and skills training to anyone with a computer or a telephone. Learning and practicing trauma-informed self-care can be a great way to prepare for an intensive therapy retreat with me, or can be used as a compliment to ongoing therapy with a specialist in your area.  

The AMBIKA Method,® my signature transformational program, is now also available for distance learning worldwide, and can be booked 1-1 or with a partner. This is an excellent way to learn more about how to take great care of yourself while encouraging your loved one(s) to do the same.