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Helping the medicine go down.

Bless the Medicine™ was born out of a desire to reframe our relationship with pharmaceuticals. 

In the Spring of 2011, after almost 3 years of unexplained health issues, Jen found herself in the emergency room. 


The symptoms she’d been keeping at bay through acupuncture, yoga, and dietary changes had finally become unmanageable. 


She was relieved to finally be given a medical explanation for what was going on. But the diagnosis came with a prescription protocol that began with 17 pills to be taken at breakfast, with more sprinkled throughout the day.  


As someone who, at that point in her life, didn't so much as reach for an aspirin for a headache, the treatment started to feel worse than the disease. 


Sobbing at her kitchen table one morning as she begrudgingly swallowed each pill, her mother called.

She was offered a choice...

"You can become resentful, defeated and hopeless. Or, you can bless the medicine."

Determined to reframe the narrative, Jen grabbed a sharpie and began to scribble symbols and words of affirmation on her various medications.


She took her power back. 


Her intention-infused pill bottles soon caught the eye of her doctor, who encouraged her to share her newfound practice with others.


Today, Jen happens to be (mostly) pharmaceutical-free, but still uses her bottles, and the healing rituals she developed around  them, to charge her vitamins, supplements, and, the occasional prescription as needed.  


"You called me into to be in partnership with my healing in this new way." - Jen Benetato

Catch the full episode of Bless the Medicine with Bonnie Benetato and know to be in partnership with your healing and how not be a victim to my situation, but rather to change my circumstance, to bring some power back into a time that I felt really powerless.

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