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Ram Dass gave me the name Ambika


I give you

The AMBIKA Method®


Jennifer Benetato and Ram Dass

Discover the system that teaches

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How it all began 


In 2015 I "accidentally" moved to Maui. (I tell that story here). 

I met Ram Dass, my spiritual teacher, (best known for his book Be Here Now), in my second week there.

By the third week I was working in his garden, and it wasn't long before he asked me to serve as one of his live-in caregivers.


Ram Dass called me Ambika


A goddess better known by her many avatars, she's often depicted with eight arms, holding an object in each hand. 

RD (as we affectionately called him) said he named me after her in part because I also had many avatars that got expressed through my various professional identities (which you can learn about here).

Like her, I commanded several tools all at once. 


It's said that our spiritual names become our teachers. Ambika would serve as a reminder of who I am, and what my soul came here to do. 


After a year in Hawaii I moved back to NYC to teach at NYU and return to clinical work.

I was asked to explain my theoretical orientation for board certification--a chore I'd been putting off since before my sabbatical. I just couldn't see a way to put thousands of hours of experience and training across the healing arts under one umbrella. 

I began listing the practices that I most frequently used, and like a wink from god, the acronym appeared.

I was shown that I didn't need to contort myself into someone else's theory. Maharaji had led me to my own! 


AMBIKA encapsulated everything I knew to be true about what's required to heal. 


Since codifying this system for healing, hundreds of my students and clients have incorporated The AMBIKA Method® into their lives.

And it continues to transform mine to this day. 

I'm excited to share it with you. 💕

What is The AMBIKA Method?

The AMBIKA Method® is a holistic framework designed to support your soul's evolution.


It's a design for living well. 


The AMBIKA Method® is based on the premise that true healing only happens when we address the totality of who we are. 

Here's How it Works

There are 6 dimensions of wellness


These are the areas of our lives that we need to pay attention to, more or less evenly, if we desire radical wellbeing. 

Each dimension maps to a plane of experience


This is how we track our state. It's our feedback loop letting us know our location on the journey. 

The 6 pillars of AMBIKA are the pathway to change


Each pillar is a portal to healing. We consciously cultivate wellbeing by taking inspired action across each area. 

The AMBIKA Method®
The AMBIKA Method®

The Six Pillars of AMBIKA

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