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Bless the Medicine™ was born out of a desire to reframe our relationship with pharmaceuticals. 

How it all began...

In the Spring of 2011, after almost 3 years of unexplained health issues, Jen found herself in the emergency room. 


The symptoms she’d had partial success in coping with through acupuncture, yoga, dietary changes and more had become unmanageable. 


She was not only faced with a scary diagnosis, but was prescribed a protocol that began with 17 pills to be taken at breakfast, with more sprinkled throughout the day. 


Sitting at her kitchen table one morning, sobbing as she swallowed each pill, her mother called.


She was offered a choice:  

“You can let this illness define you. You can become resentful, defeated and hopeless.


Or, you can bless the medicine.


Partner with it. Give it a chance. Let its intelligence merge with yours.


Don’t stop doing all the other wonderful things you’re doing.


Just see if, maybe, you can find a way to give up fighting it and do it together.”


Determined to reframe the narrative, Jen grabbed a sharpie and began to scribble symbols and words of affirmation on her various medications.


She took her power back. 


Her intention-infused pill bottles soon caught the eye of her doctor, who encouraged her to share her newfound practice with others.


Today, Jen happens to be (mostly) pharmaceutical-free, but still uses her bottles, and the healing rituals she developed around  them, to charge her vitamins, supplements, and, the occasional prescription as needed.  

Are you ready to become your own alchemist?

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