Hi. I’m Jen, Creator of the AMBIKA Method.

I've synthesized over a decade of research, study, and practice in mind-body-spirit healing modalities into 6-key principles designed to help you heal.

I'd love to share them with you. 

If you are a therapist, coach, wellness professional, or any other kind of caregiver, you know the importance of prioritizing your own wellbeing. Yet we are often the worst at practicing what we preach. 

Repeat exposure to the traumas impacting our clients, coupled with the fact that some of what we see and treat in others remains unresolved in ourselves, can lead to compassion fatigue, making it nearly impossible to do our best work.

But trudging through difficult times alone does not need to be a rite of passage. 

I believe that with the right support, everyone has the capacity to heal from emotional wounds, no matter how deep they go or how long they've been there.

If you're ready to courageously face your own demons in a trauma-informed, comprehensive, and creative way, then I would love to support you in that endeavor. 

You might find yourself thinking:

I meditate every day and yet I still feel anxious. How is that?” or

“My yoga practice helped lift my mood in the past, so why isn’t it working now?” or

“My rational mind knows there’s nothing to worry about, but I still can’t sleep.”

Unresolved or vicarious trauma can expresses itself as anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, or somatic complaints.

If you are experiencing any of these things, let’s create a plan to address it, holistically, so you can get back to focusing on the work you love. 

As an integrative psychotherapist with over a decade of professional experience working with various mind-body-spirit modalities, and a lifetime of utilizing them for my own healing, I can assure you that whatever you are experiencing, you’re in good company.

I utilize an integrative approach to embodied psycho-spiritual wellness that came about over years of specialized training in: 

  • EMDR

  • Dance/Movement Therapy

  • Authentic Movement

  • Massage Therapy

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Aromatherapy

  • Reiki & Energy Work

  • Astrology & Tarot

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Jungian Analysis

  • Trauma-Focused CBT

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • SomatoEmotional Release

  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapy

  • Mediation & Mindfulness 

  • Spiritual Counseling

Thank you for taking the time to consider if us working together feels right for you.

I encourage you to spend some time exploring the site, and invite you to contact me for a free 15-minute consultation if you'd like to explore adding me to your transformation team.