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After struggling for years self-managing multiple mysterious health problems, I eventually found myself in the emergency room.
I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis. But the treatment felt worse than the disease.
17 pills at breakfast, with more sprinkled throughout the day...indefinitely. 
I was crushed by what I then perceived to be a personal failure for having gotten this sick in spite of my healthy lifestyle.  
Sobbing at my kitchen table one morning, my mom called.

I had a choice... 


⛈️ I could continue being resentful, bitter, and hopeless


🌤️ Or I could reframe my relationship with the medicine

I set an intention to heal. 


🌈 I wrote high vibe statements on all of my pill bottles 


🌈 I decorated them with uplifting stickers


🌈 I began sharing my intention-infused containers with the world


Listen to my mom speak about the origin of blessing the medicine.


Bless the Medicine decals can be used with:



Vitamins & Supplements




Awakening the healer within. 

One pill bottle at a time.

A Message in a Bottle

Brighten up your healing journey with the power of positive intention.

Bless the Medicine Pill Bottle


  • Infused with healing Reiki energy
  • Great for travel or everyday use at home
  • Be sure to take with a heaping dose of love 💗