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I trust that deeper thing that brought you here.

The part of you that can feel in your bones that you're in the right place.

You might not understand this calling with your mind, as this is a path designed to speak to your soul. 

But something greater is beckoning you to awaken to that knowing. 

And you’re here for it.  

This space is an alchemical container designed for those who are ready to meet their inner mystic.


My work is in service to the mystery. It's a dance with the unknown. And a celebration of what's possible. 

This is the place where wounds become wisdom. Where healing happens. And you get to see the truth of who you are. 

Let's make magic together.



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You're already walking a healer's path

(or you wouldn't be here)

These are some of the ways I can support you

Trauma Resolution, Somatic Therapy 
& Psychedelic Integration
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Apothecary:  Six-month
Self-Healing Journey 
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A Podcast That Explores:
What's in Your Medicine Bag? 

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A Love Note 💌 

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve been helping people heal themselves through psychotherapy, bodywork, spiritual practice, mindfulness, breathwork, energy medicine, yoga, dance, and other somatic approaches for over 20 years. 

This site, my newsletter, and my offerings are devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources to help you fall in love with your life. 

I hope it serves you. 

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