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Living with Ram Dass: The Potent Medicine of Loving Awareness

Jennifer Benetato
Living with Ram Dass: The Potent Medicine of Loving Awareness

I met Hallie Rose at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat. We instantly hit it off, and the next thing I knew I was sitting down to talk to her as a guest on her podcast, The Thought Room. I shared things on this show that I'd never spoken about publicly, and as I waited for the show to air I questioned if I should ask her not to release it. 

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Topics Explored: 

1:26 – How leaning into the energetic blueprint of compliments helped Hallie & Jennifer connect

6:08 – Jennifer’s work as a healer in various modalities, including social work and dance therapy

  • The evolution of psychotherapy to expand beyond talk therapy
  • Resistance as fear in disguise and our power to create the change we seek

15:40 – How we can learn from our body’s natural movements and feel the emotions that come up when we dance

  • How dance therapy can provide insight into unconscious or subconscious patterns in our bodies
  • Movement signatures and the language of dance

29:19 – Jennifer’s journey of living with an autoimmune disease and her winding path to coherence healing

  • The mental and emotional impact of ongoing health challenges and changes in our bodies

48:58 – Empowering ourselves to lean into our feelings without spiritual bypassing or falling victim

  • Arriving at a place where we wouldn’t trade our challenges for anything
  • The power of supporting those around us without trying to fix their problems for them
  • Self love as a portal for connecting with ourselves and others

59:26 – The synchronicities that led Jennifer to live with Ram Dass on Maui and serve as one of his caregivers

  • The lessons Ram Dass embodied of allowing ourselves to receive care from others
  • The unexpected blessings and miracles of surrendering control and opening to the next thing in front of us
  • The spiritual name Ram Dass bestowed on Jennifer and the unique way she incorporated it into her life
  • Jennifer’s AMBIKA Method for exploring six dimensions of wellness
  • How she learned Ram Dass had passed and the synchronicities that allowed her to be at his service

1:36:30 – The potent medicine of loving awareness and the angels who helped Jennifer toward coherence healing

  • Hallie’s experience witnessing a coherence healing on her retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza


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The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World by Lynne McTaggart


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